What Readers Are Saying…

“I love the fantasy world Berry has created with the portals to another dimension, and I found Mia’s synaesthesia condition to be very interesting. The Whispering Woods universe is filled with authentic characters we quickly come to care about and a fascinating premise that should allow for many more adventures to come.”

~Julie Flanders, Author of Polar Night


“Whispering Woods has become one of my favorite series this year! The book are compelling and interesting, and while I didn’t expect it they surprised me too.”

Yiota, Book Reviewer of Splash of Our Worlds


“I was very excited to read the second novel in this little series, and it certainly didn’t let me down. Full of action, but also a healthy dose of teen romance, I enjoyed every page. As I found with the first book, Brinda Berry’s characters are believable. She is able to let me get into Mia’s mind and be the girl for a few hundred pages, and while I’m not a teenager anymore, the feelings Mia have do remind me of those years.
The ending left me all misty-eyed and wanting to read more. Great job and I can’t wait for the next installment!”

Lynn Page,  Goodreads member